Discover new features and updates from the latest 2021x releases of 3DEXPERIENCE and SIMULIA products such as Abaqus, CST Studio Suite, fe-safe, Isight, Opera, Simpack, Tosca, and Xflow.

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What's New in SIMULIA

The newest versions of 3DEXPERIENCE and SIMULIA products include a range of upgrades and performance improvements for existing workflows, as well as new features to unlock new potential for simulation in design and analysis.

Highlights include:


  • New roles and app features, and their impact on industry process workflows
  • Improved functionality and user experience
  • Reference to available portfolio information repositories on the platform (3DX, What’s New community, Program Directory)


  • Performance improvements that significantly reduce the simulation turnaround time
  • New material models that enable more realistic simulation
  • New analysis techniques that expand the scope of simulation

CST Studio Suite

  • 5G network workflows
  • Antenna and microwave component design
  • Signal integrity and PCB thermal simulation
  • Electromagnetic compatibility tools
  • Collaborative workflows and design of experiment


  • 3DEXPERIENCE Durability capabilities
  • Weld fatigue
  • Vibration fatigue
  • Nitinol fatigue
  • General enhancements


  • New approximation & DoE algorithms
  • Updated optimization algorithms
  • Feature enhancements
  • Component updates


  • Exploration of the capabilities of Finite Element electromagnetic simulation
  • Performance improvements
  • Facilitated model setup and post-processing
  • Live demo of new features


  • New features for multibody system simulation
  • Integration into the 3DEXPERIENCE platform


  • Easier interpretation of results from topology optimization
  • Manufacturing constraint to consider milling process in topology optimization
  • Rotational symmetry for sensitivity based shape optimization
  • Plastic strain magnitude (PEMAG) response for all optimization types
  • Improved handling of large groups in design responses


  • Model build, further streamlining setup
  • Co-simulation, taking advantage of other SIMULIA technologies
  • GPU, making high-performance computing (HPC) computations affordable to average users


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